• Cost-effective low current solutions

  • Full scope of telecom solutions

  • Diverse range of IT solutions

Low current systems

Offering full engineering solutions we design and install, upgrade and maintain all types of low current systems for the construction market.

Smart systems

  • Smart and home automation
  • Lighting control
  • TV Systems
  • Networks and IP telephony
  • Fire alarm systems

Security systems

  • CCTV and surveillance
  • Access control systems
  • Intrusion systems
  • Gates & Barriers

Control and automation

  • Active Components
  • Instrumentation equipment and Controls
  • Fiber Optic cables installation and testing.
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)

Telecommunication infrastructure

As clients needs and requirements are changing and to deliver the full scope of solutions, we have extended our solutions to offer telecommunication infrastructure works. We plan, design, install, upgrade, maintain and commission all types of telecom infrastructure installations including civil works.

Technical services

  • Planning and Surveying
  • Testing and Integration
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Network Monitoring

Telecom infrastructure

  • Antennas installation
  • Fiber Optic solutions
  • Active & Passive Components
  • Microwave Solutions
  • Transmission Solutions

Telecom civil works

  • Tower Foundation
  • Shelter Foundation
  • Shelter Refurbishing
  • Site Maintenance, Clearing, Preparation

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