Smart Industrial Solutions

Getting smart can be an optimal solution for your business. Zegtech, Inc. works closely with customers to implement smart solutions in all business processes and help them leveraging the benefits of IoT and elevating their businesses to the next extent. By incorporating smart industrial solutions in a business, enterprises can convert real-time data into actionable insights which in turn can help in better decision-making. Zegtech, Inc. offers top notch IoT sensors with affordable connectivity using LoRaWAN technology, these sensors can be used to monitor and control every single aspect of your business. Zegtech, Inc provides sensors that can be used to monitor (Temperature, Humidity, Proximity, Pressure, Water quality, Gas, smoke, Motion detection) and much more! and can be used in too many environments .

we can provide:

• Restaurant & Food Services (Walk-in, Cooler, Freezer & Food Prep Monitoring)
• Pharmaceutical Refrigeration (Laboratory Cooler & Pharmaceutical Refrigerator Monitoring)
• Greenhouses & Agricultural Services (Crops, Plants, Soil and Greenhouses Monitoring)
• School Cafeterias & Food Services (Walk-in, Cooler, Freezer, and Meal Safety Monitoring)
• Server Rooms and Data Centers (Computers, Networking Equipment and Server Stacks)

• Perishable Food Manufacturing (Temperature-controlled Rooms and Processing Areas Monitoring)
• Meat Packing & Storage (Cooler, Freezer & Refrigeration Monitoring)
• Animal Habitats (Lab, Zoo, and Shelter Temperature Monitoring)
• Supermarkets & Convenience Stores (Refrigerators, Freezers, and Food Shelves)
• Rental Homes and Properties (Vacation Home and Property Remote Monitoring and Control)
• Self-Storage Facilities (Storage Unit Remote Monitoring Solution)
• Property & Facility Management (Property and Building Remote Monitoring Solution)